Ash & Kujo

Ash and Kujo are a gorgeous little duo with so so much love to give!! Being 100% house trained, these boys would make the perfect companions for anyone!

Kisses, licks and cuddles are just a few of the awesome things that Kujo will shower you with! When you’re snuggling its nothing to get a few licks on your chest or neck just to show how much he loves you. Ash is a quieter bun who prefers love in his own terms!

In Ash and Kudos foster home they have been free range indoor bunnies. They gets along with the resident cats and dogs and can quite easily be bonded with other bunny friends.

Our gorgeous boys would best suit a free range indoor home with supervised outside time. With Kujos beautiful white coat hutches and dirty litter trays will stain and coat to a yellow colour. Being free range will help to avoid this. With Ash being a tiny rabbit, being outdoors could result in an escape which no one wants!!

Netherland Dwarf - Blue


3 Years

Mini Lop - Red Eyed White



Adoption Fee - $300

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Cadbury & Daisy

Who would’ve thought that this loved up pair arrived in care as completely seperate, single buns! After jumping playpens and bonding with each other overnight when their carer slept, you can imagine the surprise their carer got the next morning!


Cadbury and Daisy are now completely inseparable! When Cadbury went to the vet for his desexing surgery, Daisy was unhappy the entire day! These buns cannot be split up!


Daisy is a sweet loving bun who will come up to her humans for cuddles but does not enjoy being picked up. Cadbury on the other hand is an absolute love bug and enjoys both cuddles and pats!


Cadbury and Daisy are 100% indoor bunnies that are completely litter trained so will make perfect house bunnies. An indoor home with supervised outside time is recommended for this loved up pair.

Male - Chocolate
DOB- 19/06/2018

Mini Lop

Female - Black & White Butterfly

DOB- 3 Years

Adoption Fee- $300

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