All Miss Molly wants for 2021 is a home to call her own. A home for her to grow old in and be a part of the family. Unfortunately Molly has been looked over time and time again for being ‘too old’ or ‘too hard’. She’s starting to wonder when it will be her turn.

Our gorgeous Molly hasn’t had the best life and has had some horrible things happen in the past but it hasn’t stopped her! She is the kindest, sweetest girl who just loves people! She hasn’t got a mean bone in her towards humans!

Back in June 2019 we had Molly come into our care from a local pound. She was skinny and timid but that didn’t stop her. Within an hour she had settled in perfectly! Unbeknownst to us Molly was actually 4 weeks pregnant! On the 7th of July Molly delivered 2 very healthy puppies!

While Molly loves human attention, she can be VERY jumpy. For this reason a family with young children may not be suitable due to the risk of being bowled over by our big girl!

During Molly’s time in care we have found that she would be best suited to an only pet home. This includes no other dogs, cats or pocket pets.

Unfortunately for Molly she has got quite a few allergies and this is why she quite often gets deemed as ‘too hard’ even though her allergies are quite easily managed.

All in all Molly is a sweet girl who just wants her forever family! Could it be you?

American Staffy X
Female - Blue and White
Age - 5 years
Microchip #900032002657046
Adoption Fee- $500

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Oakley is a beautiful energetic girl that loves attention from everyone she meets. She is attentive and wanting to learn wherever she can. She most definitely needs someone experienced in training dogs however as she can be easily distracted.

Oakley has been raised around young children and loves them. She is a very excitable girl however and a little jumpy so may suit older kids.

Oakley would suit a family with older kids or no kids who have the time and dedication into walking and training her. She is a very boisterous girl who craves attention. She loves going for walks and a good belly rub.

Boxer x Staffy

Female - Brindle
Age - 22/09/2019
Microchip #900219000083073
Adoption Fee- $600

Location - Sydney NSW

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This girl has all the tricks up her sleeve! With a working dog brain she is so smart, already knowing lots of helpful and fun behaviours while always itching to learn more, and with those long legs she could swim, or chase a stick or ball for miles. So an active family who has the time for her mental and physical needs is a must.

Sammy has a sweet and sensitive side to her too and loves a good snuggle in front of the TV. That sensitive side can make her unsure of new people, places or animals sometimes - but she warms up quickly to then show her true and fun personality. So her perfect home would be one with only adults who have dog experience.

Sammy has quite a big bark - so if you want to be alerted to visitors, she certainly knows how to do that! Don’t fret though, Sammy will only bark if absolutely necessary!

This gorgeous girl may suit a home with another friendly, playful and tolerant dog - a dog who will show her the ropes and be a positive role model. She currently has many best friends who are labradors or other kelpies!

Australian Kelpie x Koolie x Bull Arab
Female - Tri
Age - 08/07/2018
Microchip #991003000134675
Adoption Fee- $500

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Harlow (affectionately referred to as piggy due to her constant snorting) is a big love bug who soaks up all the affection thrown her way.

Despite her size, Harlow is a lap dog at heart and loves nothing more than curling up by your side and napping the day away.

You’ll often find Harlow neck deep in her toy box looking for her favourite teddy that she carries around proudly wherever she goes.

She has had to work hard to master simple demands and she currently knows how to sit, lay down and wait (sometimes).

Harlow’s ideal home would continue her training with patients, lots of treats and encouragement. Due to her jealousy around other dogs, a home where she can soak up all the attention as an only dog is a must.

Great Dane x Bull Mastiff
Female - Harlequin
Age - 12/06/2020
Microchip #991003000537415
Adoption Fee- $600

Location - Oran Park NSW

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