Safe And Sound Animal Rescue 2018


Charlie was surrendered to a local council pound where he became very scared and shy. After just two weeks in care he has became the sweetest boy and just loves to be around his humans. He's indoor trained but prefers to spend his time outside. Charlie can sit, shake and he can wait for his food. Charlie's a fast learner and has adapted to to being around large dogs easily however he would prefer to be the only dog as he can get jealous and wants all the attention

Charlie loves going for long walks and will need a large backyard to play in, he could play all day. This gorgeous boy also enjoys chasing his soft toys, so far he hasn't ruined a single one! Charlie can be a needy and craves attention and loves getting lots of pats but is also very loyal and is fine with just hanging out in the sun for hours.

Charlie loves his food and will inhale it if given the chance. He can get a bit over excited with new people and dogs but it doesn’t take long for Charlie to settle down.
Young children can be a bit too much for Charlie, a home without small children would be best suited.

American Staffy


3 Years Young

Adoption Fee - $400

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Evie is a special little girl! She loooves attention, any kind at all! She is very food motivated & has learnt to sit on command (or when she smells food) aswell as drop and roll with treats.


She loves her doggo friends and would love one to play with forever! Evie needs an active lifestyle and/or a big yard with lots of mentally stimulating toys, she loves to use her mind and nose while playing. She’s also used to being indoor/outdoor and she’s fine in her crate of a night.


Evie does need someone willing to continue her training so she can grow into the best companion you could want!


Husky x Staffy
Female - Black and White
DOB- 15/6/19
Microchip #941000023904008


Adoption Fee- $550

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Little Finn is the perfect little shadow. He loves to follow you from room to room, and curiously watches you go about your day to day. He is extremely eager to please and loves his humans. He just wants cuddles constantly! At this point he still cries and whines when left alone, as he just wants to be near you, but he does tend to settle after a little while.


Finn is clearly a very smart little pup and is coming along nicely with his training. He sleeps through the night in his crate (in his foster mum’s bedroom) with no crying or potty accidents, waiting until he gets let outside in the morning to do his business. Because he is still very young, he needs supervision or a safe area to make sure he doesn’t chew on anything he shouldn’t (he’s slowly coming up to that teething age and is already showing a love of nibbling on shoes. Make sure to keep those out of his way!) With plenty of chew toys and entertainment, this shouldn’t be an issue.


His favourite games so far are fetch and tug of war, especially with anything that squeaks. He is also quickly getting the hang of basic commands like sit, stay, come, and drop – but will need further training in different environments, as he tends to get a bit distracted outside. He has also been around cats with no issues. He remains calm and just wants to make friends!

Apart from this, he loves to sleep on the couch, resting his little head on your lap. (He does snore a little bit when he sleeps, but it’s pretty adorable!)


Husky x Staffy
Male - Black & White
DOB- 14/6/19
Microchip #941000023904009


Adoption Fee- $550

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