Leda is a real snuggle puss. She loves attention and likes to follow her foster carer around all day getting a pat whenever she can before climbing up her  carers leg when shes not giving her enough.


Leda currently lives with 2 young kids  who she  loves getting cuddles from, even when they are not as gentle as they should be! Leda not only plays with her brother Oberon but also enjoys  playing with her carers other cats.

This gorgeous girl would make a great addition to any home!

DSH - Black



Microchip #900079000593332

Adoption Fee - $220

Interested in adopting Leda?


Liam is an active boy who loves to play with his family and foster family. With this being said, Toes are fair game!! If your toes move while under the blanket Liam is sure to find them and play with them!

Every night as soon as you jump into bed Liam is right next to you ready for a scratch and a cuddle. He loves to sleep above your head or next to you as close as possible without being crushed. 

Has to smell anything and everything that entered the house everyday including the shoes on your feet!! When coming home from work, Liam will be one of the first to say hello and be right by your side

DSH- Black & White



Microchip #900164001911122 

Adoption Fee - $220

Interested in adopting Liam?


Summer is a very special little girl after being in care since 4 weeks old, she’s just wanting to be apart of everything you’re doing. 


After a rough start being left in a sand and soil yard, then having a truck load of soil dumped on them. Summer was left with just one eye, after having emergency surgery less then a week after being in care. 

But Summer doesn’t let that stop her, this little tabby is a bundle of energy, her favourite toy being pieces of pasta and rope she rips off her cat post. When it’s time to settle down though it’s either for cuddles on you or with one of her foster siblings. 


Summer has been in a home with other cats, kittens, dogs and puppies so she is quite easy going & would make the perfect cat to bring into any family.



Female - Tabby & White                                                                                    


Micrcochip #900113001715625           

Adoption Fee - $220

Interested in adopting Summer?


Jack is an independent boy who likes to do his own thing but once he’s done he loves a humans lap to curl up on.


Jack was born in care when his mum Lulu arrived as a heavily pregnant stray. Fast forward 3 weeks, Lulus foster carer arrived home from work to find her 4 little babies had been born. Growing up Jack was more reserved than his siblings however was a lot more confident than his sisters.


Jack will get into anything that he wants but will make it look as though someone else was the instigator! We believe that Jack would be best suited to a family who doesn't mind a cat who does their own thing.

Jack has grown up around other cats, dogs and rabbits with no issues at all.


Male - White & Black

Microchip #900079000593456

Adoption fee:- $220 

Interested in adopting Jack?


Robbie is a quiet and calm boy who will play with his siblings all day long but only play with his foster carers on his terms. However, when it comes to having a cuddle, Robbie will be the first one there!!


The couch, your bed or even your computer desk, Robbie will be there with bells on for not only cuddles but also food!! Food is this little mans second favourite thing in the world! Closely followed by new smells!


Careful with ornaments etc, Robbie thinks is super fun to push things off benches, tables and shelves. Baskets, bowls, boxes. If you have them, Robbie will find them and sit in them!!


Male - Black & White  
DOB- 28/10/2019 
Microchip #900164001911113 


Adoption Fee:- $220 

Interested in adopting Robbie?


Hershey is a little bit on the shy side at first but if you’re the provider of food he opens right up! He will chatter away until he gets his meal, so be prepared! Our little man is the king of facial expressions. Hershey ill have you in stitches with some of the faces he pulls.

Hershey does mind a cuddle but would much prefer to snuggle up next to you and get some neck, bum and cheek scratches. If you like personal soccer then Hershey isn't the cat for you! He loves standing on his foster carers when they're awake, asleep, trying to clean or just sitting on the lounge.

Hersey is still just a big kitten and just wants to play all day with his friends. He’s grown up with other cats, dogs and rabbits with no issues at all.


Male - Black & White

Microchip #900113001150022

Adoption fee:- $220

Interested in adopting Hershey?


Tabitha (Tabby) is all stripes, spots and sass, with her pretty markings and gorgeous eyes. She’s got a personality to match. She’s a little shy at first but once she opens up she’s so playful but also very affectionate! She loves to watch movies in bed with you, especially if neck scratches are included.


Tabby has been in a multi cat household and loves the company of other kitties. She has lived with a variety of foster puppies, however she tolerates them & would much prefer the company of her humans.


Although not too keen on being picked up, Tabitha does show her love by following you around the house calling for pats and attention. Once she settles in and loves you, it’s unconditional and endless.


Female - Tabby
DOB- 22/4/19
Microchip #900113001715603


Adoption Fee- $220

Interested in adopting Tabitha?


Fallon is a little on the shyer side but once she comes out of her shell there is no putting her back in. 


This little torti is a sweet, cuddly and playful little girl. Fallon enjoys playing with rattle balls, rope toys and really just about any type of toy! Be careful moving your toes or fingers in your sleep, Fallon May just start playing with them. 


Fallon enjoys the company of the other cats in care, you’ll often find her cuddled up with someone in the sun. 


Since being in care Fallon has been around other cats, dogs and rabbits with no issues at all. Fallon would do well being adopted with one of her friends. 


Female - Dark Torti  
DOB- 5/9/2019 
Microchip #900164001927468 


Adoption Fee- $220 

Interested in adopting Fallon?


Jasper came to us as little 5 week old kitten with his siblings Onyx, Evie and Opal after their family were no longer able to care for them. They were tiny, covered in fleas and full of worms! Within a week of being in care these tiny babies we fighting fit with no fleas or worms! They were ready to take on the world!!

Jasper is the most vocal and outgoing kitten from the litter and loves to make himself known. Breakfast and dinner time is when you will know he exists the most!!

If you cant find Jasper there are usually a few places you will find him! These include wardrobes, suitcases/bags, inside a scratching post or just chilling in the sun.

In care jasper has been around other cats, dog s and rabbits with no issues and would be fine in a house with other animals.

Male - Ginger & White 
DOB- 15/10/2018 
Microchip #900079000593328

Adoption Fee- $220 

Interested in adopting Jasper?

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