Hayley is a cheeky, crazy girl who loves to tackle her siblings into walls, knock everything over and just cause mayhem in the house. When she’s not causing mayhem, you will find her curled up on any soft surfaces with the victims of her previous shenanigans!!

Over the door scratching posts, clean baskets of washing and comfy beds are a few places that you will find Hayley on a daily basis.

If you’re the provider of bum scratches than Hayley will love you!! It not very often that Hayley will come to bed with you however you will always wake up with her between your legs!

Watch your toes while under the blanket, Hayley loves playing attack the moving

Hayley make take a few days to warm up to her new humans however we believe she would do well in a new home with her sister Leila.

Female - Tabby
DOB- 28/10/2019
Microchip #900164001911119
Adoption Fee- $250
Location - Petstock Gregory Hills

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Odette is a little more reserved and sassy then her siblings but once you win her over, that’s it, you’re best buds and the amazing giver of scratches. Don't be alarmed by this girls innocent looks, she will definately fool you in to believing it wasn't her!

Odette just loves pats and cuddles. Her ultimate date night is dinner with Netflix and chill and maybe some dine creamy treats thrown in there too.


As she is a little quieter, Odette would prefer a less lively home where she can spend her days relaxing in the sun on a windowsill. A home with older children is preferred due to Odettes quiet nature.

Now this isn’t too say she isn’t playful, Odette loves her toys & kitty friends. She would benefit from a feline companion as she does love a bit of a wrestle and someone to cuddle when you’re not there.

Female -Torti
DOB- 05/09/2019
Microchip #941000025367996
Adoption Fee- $250
Location - Oran Park

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Jack is an independent boy who likes to do his own thing but once he’s done he loves a humans lap to curl up on.


Jack was born in care when his mum Lulu arrived as a heavily pregnant stray. Fast forward 3 weeks, Lulus foster carer arrived home from work to find her 4 little babies had been born. Growing up Jack was more reserved than his siblings however was a lot more confident than his sisters.


Jack will get into anything that he wants but will make it look as though someone else was the instigator! We believe that Jack would be best suited to a family who doesn't mind a cat who does their own thing.

Jack has grown up around other cats, dogs and rabbits with no issues at all.


Male - White & Black

Microchip #900079000593456

Adoption fee:- $250 

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Jasper came to us as little 5 week old kitten with his siblings Onyx, Evie and Opal after their family were no longer able to care for them. They were tiny, covered in fleas and full of worms! Within a week of being in care these tiny babies we fighting fit with no fleas or worms! They were ready to take on the world!!

Jasper is the most vocal and outgoing kitten from the litter and loves to make himself known. Breakfast and dinner time is when you will know he exists the most!!

If you cant find Jasper there are usually a few places you will find him! These include wardrobes, suitcases/bags, inside a scratching post or just chilling in the sun.

In care jasper has been around other cats, dog s and rabbits with no issues and would be fine in a house with other animals.

Male - Ginger & White 
DOB- 15/10/2018 
Microchip #900079000593328

Adoption Fee- $250 

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Little Black

Independent, timid and quiet are just 3 ways to describe Little Black!

Coming to us from the pound as a tiny 12 week old scared kitten, she was full of flu and covered in ringworm but it wasn’t long before LB was on the road to recovery!

Fast forward 12 months and Little Black is as healthy as can be but is still a quiet, independent girl. While she may not cuddle with you or climb into bed she will take bum scratches where ever you find her. Her favourite spot in her foster home in anywhere in the sun!

LB gets along well with the other cats, dogs and rabbits in care and would do well in a home with any of them. A home without small children would be preferable due to LBs quiet nature.

Female - Black
DOB- 4/2/2019
Microchip #982126050231092
Adoption Fee- $250
Location - Oran Park NSW

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